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Loss Adjusting

Using our expert knowledge of the sector and local market experience, we ensure that losses are resolved equitably, claims expenses are minimized and assets are returned to operation once more in the shortest possible timeframe. RELA’s team of regional loss adjusters will:

  • Investigate the facts and circumstances of a claim
  • Establish loss causation
  • Advise on material damage and business interruption losses
  • Quantify losses, according to the terms of insurance cover
  • Provide an expert opinion on policy coverage and liability
  • Advise on a settlement / mediation strategy

Loss Control and Risk Engineering Surveys

We routinely conduct surveys to identify and assess risks in a detailed and comprehensive manner. These pre-risk surveys, available globally, help renewable energy investors, their insurers and project stakeholders to make objective and expertly informed assessments of their assets.

How effective is your claims resolution?

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“RELA forms a valuable part of our team during each and every claim.”
Easton Calhoun,Vice President of Loss Control, Insurance Risk Partners